• We developed our line of soda syrups to give our customers a lower-cost alternative to premium brands. Our customers using Bev Tech sodas have expressed high levels of satisfaction with the product.
  • Each 5-gallon box makes 30 gallons of finished product. Our 3-gallon boxes make 18 gallons of finished product.
Flavors available:

Cola5 Gallon
Orange Soda3 Gallon
Lemon-Lime5 Gallon
Collins Mix3 Gallon
Diet Cola3 Gallon
Root Beer3 Gallon
Tonic3 Gallon

Available for delivery in the Portland Metro Area:

50 Lb. CO220 Lb. CO2
50 Lb. BeerGas20 Lb. BeerGas
244 c.f. Helium256 c.f. Nitrogen

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